Hi there,

I zipped the index.html and site.css AND html-css-assessment.

Of course when I went to submit the… I received a blank score.

(When I went to zip it up, it saved as which is the file I submitted.)

How do I make sure this does not happen again? Should I delete all the zip files and start fresh?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! I just looked at your submission, and you are right…you have zipped files inside the zipped submission. Here is what your files look like:

This is what a submission should look like instead: image

In your submission, the tests are only reading the original index.html and site.css files. You will need to paste the code from your zipped files into the index.html and site.css files (don’t change any file names), and remove the zipped files from the folder in order to solve the issue.

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aaaha! thank you, jesse!