Yo, I'm Trevor Storey

Hey Everybody, My name is Trevor Storey, I’m 27, grew up in California, lived in Texas for a minute and moved to Brooklyn in November.

I grew up on a thousand acre cattle ranch, played near-semi-pro soccer in college(ha). After college and the last 7 years I toured the world as a Stage Manager, Guitar / Keyboard Tech and Sound Engineer for artists such as The All-American Rejects, Toni Braxton and Cyndi Lauper.

I say all of that stuff because I want you all to think I’m cool or something…lol. I say that so you’ll think I’m cool, but still kinda humble…lol.

My first encounter with coding was trying to teach myself Visual Basic and C++ in junior high(I didn’t get very far). Though I didn’t really pursue it as a potential career until about a year or two ago. I got serious about it last October, went to a/A’s Bootcamp Prep in NYC in November and have been applying to different bootcamps since then. I finally applied to and got accepted to a/A on March 29th.

Anyway, I’m really excited about App Academy and hope that we can all make this the most badass cohort App Academy has had yet! All for one, one for all. Musketeer style. Looking forward to working and learning with y’all!

Hey Trevor,

Great to meet you and congratulations on your acceptance into App Academy. It sounds like you have a lot of awesome experiences from both touring and growing up on a cattle ranch. I’m sure there are plenty entertaining stories to tell!

I grew up on a mere 28 acres and was driving tractors/excavators long before my first car. Funny now I don’t even own a car, nor do I want one in San Francisco. Thank you for introducing yourself!