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WSL2/VM Unbuntu VS Dual-Boot Ubuntu - Pros/Cons

I currently have Ubuntu 20.4 installed and running on WSL2 on my PC machine with Python 3.8.2 installed.

I also have secondary 250GB SSD that I installed on my machine that I have dedicated to a dual-boot of Ubuntu 20.04.

I’m now getting emails saying that for the online course we will be us VM software to run Ubuntu during the class work. Is going the VM route truly the best way when it comes to utilizing resources and internet speed?

If someone could please let me know which of my 3 options would be the best way to take to online bootcamp course with the lease resistance, I have a feeling dual-booting will be the optimal way to do it but maybe there is some software designed to be used with the VM setting that we will be required to use?

Any help is appreciated,