Wondering if coding is for me

Hi, Mike here. New to coding and wondering if the coding world is for me. I am a complete beginner at this and learnt about app academy on a job site. I’m in my 30’s.

What advice do you guys have for me. Do you think I can handle this, am I too late, how is the coding world?

I’ve previously done transcription and data entry. But I feel I need something more long term and that requires learning a new skill set.

I have a couple of months free.

Anyone out there with some advice?

Im 32 and working on week 5 of AA online. I started with zero coding experience but enjoying the progress I’m making. Age is only a number in my opinion. I do believe virtuosos get their start at the young ages and people naturally set up limits for themselves as they get older but if you are willing to push through the struggles you will come out on top.

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