Windows Setup Short Guide

The lack of a Windows guide on installing the required software is really…lacking. I was able to setup a working system using RailsInstaller (not RubyInstaller), Atom IDE, and NodeJS

RailsInstaller includes the following:

  1. Ruby
  2. Rails
  3. Bundler
  4. Git (Atom already integrates with Git out of the box)
  5. DevKit
  6. SQL packages

* Install RailsInstaller first and then the following packages if any issues arise, remove any previous Ruby installations (RubyInstaller) to avoid having two Ruby installations
* I haven’t finished the Alpha Prep, hence this list might not be complete. I’ll update it as I progress with the curriculum.

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Thats mainly because they prefer you work on Mac or Linux. The errors you’d get on Windows can and [in various cases] will be different than errors you’d get on Unix based systems, which would be (like mentioned in the Alpha Course) a headache to debug.

This was also mentioned in “Gear Recommendations” from our welcome email that we should not use Windows during the course.

You can dual boot Windows and Linux on the same machine if you don’t want to lose the data you already have on Windows, I’m open to help if you need it :slight_smile:

Thank you for this. I did not see anything about this in a welcome email (looking back at what I received) and was extremely displeased to see, after weeks of using AA’s program, that I suddenly needed to be on a Mac. I’m not getting a Mac and I’m not doing a dual boot because I want to develop in a Windows environment primarily, so I don’t want to handicap myself here in the “beginning” stages with more confusion over simulating a different OS.

Really, this needs to be highlighted and clearly communicated first thing to potential students. Before I saw this post, I was about to quit the program and move to another source.

Hey @FuzzyPumpkin,

Are you enrolled in one of our paid course options? For our free learning options, feel free to use whichever software or information is valuable to you. If you use Windows, great! I bet you could eventually make a guide for others to use.

If however, you’re enrolled in one of our in-person courses, you’ll be using mac-minis to pair program for 4-7 hours each day. It can’t hurt to adapt to get used to working in multiple environments such as different OS, text editors, etc. We offer troubleshooting support for only Mac and Ubuntu.

Hey Matthew! I’m taking the free online course. I’m using Windows with the program suite listed in this post, but the instructions on the actual course don’t give any option for a Windows setup. Please consider adding a link to that in the instructions for the free course. Using the Command Prompt with Rails and Ruby from that link, I’ve been able to adjust instructions and complete the assignments.

I’ve worked with Macs before (I’m 40, and my schools only had Macs until senior year while I was working with a Commodore 64 coding in BASIC as a kidlet and then an IBM clone, plus I used Macs for graphic editing). I don’t want to bog down my Surface, which I’m using to work on the program on the go, with a virtual environment that’s going to take all my RAM. And, I wanted development set up for my Windows environment anyway. I already had a dev environment setup for Javascript, HTML, and CSS (Brackets and Notepad++).

I do internally growl at using Command Prompt for anything because it reminds me of DOS.


I’ll pass that along to our curriculum team! It sounds like you’ve been able to make it work. Would you be able to add your 2 cents to our ticketing system?