What's the best method to find San Francisco Housing?


I’m Steven from Hawaii. I’ll be moving to San Francisco October 19 for the Oct 22 CoHort and wondering what are some tips on finding housing. I heard finding roommates that are in the class or are graduates are best but it looks like everyone already has arrangements.

I’d like to be somewhere that I can concentrate to make sure I can pass the class. Best case is near the school so I don’t waste time commuting. On top of saving time I want to make sure I save money. Any tips? No tips are too crazy as I was thinking of sleeping at the school or going homeless in a car. Right now the best options it looks like is to go live in one of those community dorms for about $1,300 a month and find a coffee shop or library to study at.

Thanks for the help,
Steven Inouye

Hey Steven, I’d recommend against sleeping at the school as that’s against the lease App Academy has with the building owner. If your heart is set on living in San Francisco, you’ll probably end up paying more than if you can find a sublet along a bart line in Oakland or Berkeley or something. It’s pretty split on which option is better, everyone’s situation is a little different.

Personally, I think the best strategy could be to reach out through your extended social networks and looking on craigslist and housing boards daily.

Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you!

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Oh. LOL Mary told me and I saw it in one of the YouTube interviews that sleeping at the school is prohibited.
Thank you. I’m looking forward to attending as this is a major career shift for me and I’m excited about it.