What shell to use Git commands

I’m going over Git and I am just wondering if it is normal to use Git in Ubuntu. When I am going through the readings it says to either use Powershell or to use Git Bash that comes with downloading Git, but doesn’t say anything about using Ubuntu. Is there a reason for that? Just wondering!

Hi, @natejo91!

Could you provide some examples where you’re seeing this text in readings? Are you referring to “readings” in this forum? Or in the curriculum?

To answer your specific question of “Is it normal to use Git in Ubuntu” … that answer to that is a resounding, “Yes. Definitely.” Git is used a lot in all operating systems, including Ubuntu.

However, it sounds like you’re maybe on Windows? In which case you’re probably trying to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux; which is a very interesting way to run Ubuntu directly inside Windows. It’s a pretty advanced feature of Windows and can cause newcomers a lot of pain and strife. My personal recommendation when you’re getting started is to try to stick to what you know.

If you can accomplish the prepwork using Ubuntu, Ubuntu in WSL, or in Windows … I recommend you pick the one that helps you focus on the technologies (HTML, CSS, and Git).

I hope that helps you out! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hey @bryanray,

It was mostly in the module for Git, there wasn’t any mention of Ubuntu until the assessment and I was just a little confused if it worked the same as git bash or PowerShell(I’m using Windows) when using git commands. I guess my question is are there certain situations where using Git Bash or Ubuntu is more beneficial?


There are. But they’re pretty esoteric and at the start of your programming journey they shouldn’t make a huge difference.

Git Bash is going to be “closer” to a Windows experience, because it is technically linux based applications that have been ported over to work directly on Windows. Not all linux tools exist in this environment though.

Ubuntu (through WSL) is going to be a closer experience to real world Linux. You won’t have access to Window’s specific tools (and possibly your Windows file system), depending on how you have set it up.