What platform do I need?

I have watched all the into videos and it never mentions what platform we will need for this. Is there an app I need to download to write the code or is there something on my computer I need to access?

On the jumpstart course I mean

it looks like the first few lessons are in Ruby, but you do all the tasks and everything through your web browser. Just starting out myself and I hope this helps.

Good luck!

Consoles on computers should have ruby available, on the Mac it is fo rsure, I find the App Academy (too busy to code now) has a built-in web editor.

I had some issues with the first round of Jumpstart…I was using a new Galaxy mobile device and was unable to practice on the problems, and the assessments/challenges cannot be taken on mobile devices at all.

You also need to make sure your specs are new enough on your computer. I have an older Macbook which did not work with the assessments or challenges either. (Those are done on Hackranker.) Recently I found that you might be able to take them on a site called internet cafe, but i need to check it out to see how it will work on my old Macbook. Basic rule of thumb, the Mac you use should not be older than a 2015 with <= 8GB min RAM. I’m not sure about Windows or Linux specs, but I’m sure you could easily find out from someone at a/A, or someone here on the forum. I know someone who had a newish Thinkpad from Lenovo and it worked for Jumpstart, even without Ubuntu installed.