What Git installation options should be chosen for Windows?

In the online course (I’m on a Windows 10 machine), in Module 2 (Getting my Computer Ready), the Reading section gives step-by-step instructions on aspects related to installing various things, but nothing specific to Git (other than in Ubuntu doing the user name and email setup). But in the Resources section, it has a link to Git download, but there is nothing telling me about what setup options I should choose for that either in the Video or in the Reading (so I was “guessing”).

So now I have two questions related to that:

  1. What settings should I have chosen in that setup process?
  2. Now that I have Git installed, how do I go fix any of the settings I perhaps did not choose correctly on (other than uninstalling and reinstalling)?

It’s a lot of personal preference. I think as long as you stick with the defaults you’re pretty good.

The one setting that I change though is the one that asks you:


I tend to like using Linux tools from PowerShell so I tend to use that last option (“Run Git and included Unix tools …”). But a lot of people on Windows don’t particularly like that …

I believe you can just run the installer again to adjust the options.

Hope that helps!