What does this mean? (Git: Together and Master Branch are wrong)

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I submitted my git project and this was the result. I am not really sure what I did wrong and how to even interpret this feedback. Is it possible that some changes that were made on my html did not save?

Does the order in which I list the image tags in the html matter?

Is there something I need to do with git diff that I have not already done?

What I’ve tried

searching similar for similar problems


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Update: I fixed it.

So there were a couple of problems that I found out in my .git (hope that this is helpful for others):

  1. Even if you are in a different directory and you DID not change anything/modify your .html file that you are working with, as LONG as you ctrl + s again, the system counts it as a modification, thus you must commit… again :confused:

  2. Second thing that I learned… it DOES NOT matter how many times you commit! You can commit after every little detail/alteration as possible (and quite frankly, I prefer doing that because I would rather have multiple save incremental checkpoints or save points in a game, essay, assignment, etc.) – however I also learned that there might be commands out there that combine commits(?)

  3. Diff is the game here, beware.

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I’m glad you were able to figure this out!
You are correct on all 3 points! :grinning:

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