App Academy

Welcome Applicants! README

The place to ask technical questions about your App Academy application and your Learning Challenges.

Congratulations on taking your first steps to joining the App Academy family. We’re very excited to help you start your journey to become a software engineer. Please use this space to ask technical questions about your application and the Learning Challenges you submit for your application to App Academy.

How to use this forum

  • Use this forum to ask technical question about your App Academy application and your Learning Challenges. Examples:

    • Questions about the Learning Challenges and the resources for the Learning Challenges
    • Questions about the grading of your Learning Challenge Submissions
    • Requests for help understanding a technical topic (Git, Boolean Algebra, HTML/CSS)
    • Requests for help with syntax
  • Submit your question as a new topic, with a clear topic title that outlines your question

  • We’ve provided a topic template for your questions. If you fill out all the sections we’ll be able to help you faster and easier.

  • If you are able, include screen shots from any errors you are experiencing.

  • You can expect your question to be answered by 1 business day.

What to avoid

  • Questions about your admissions status or the non-technical parts of your application. Your admissions specialist will be able to assist you with those
  • Asking vague or general questions. We offer the best help when you clear and concise about what you need.
  • Asking questions about things other than the Learning Challenges. This category is specifically here for the Learning Challenges.

We look forward to hearing from you!