Virtual machines for windows Users

While reading the prep work, I have seen that windows users are allowed to consider dual boot with Ubuntu. Is it Ok to use a virtual machine instead of dual-boot setup?

Hi @mc_evens,

We recommend dual-boot in the main course because the virtual machine applications can be fairly processor heavy. If you are happy with your virtual machine setup though and are able to successfully install everything in the dotfiles on your Linux operating system then you should be good to go for completing the curriculum.

Remember that your development environment is something you will want to continue to customize and become more comfortable with over time so that you enter the work force feeling you can open up your machine and do anything you need to do with ease. If having to spin up a virtual machine every time you work begins to get in the way of efficient development practices we urge you to move to a more streamlined system.

Great question, let me know if you have any more to ask related to environment setup. Thanks!

Thank you @kevin,

Somehow, I have error while executing this command : “~/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles” . Here are the errors I encountered :

/home/mcevens/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles: line 3: rbenv: command not found
/home/mcevens/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles: line 4: : command not found

You are very welcome,

As for the .dotfiles installation issues, did the ~/.dotfiles/bin/install_requirements command run without errors? This must run successfully before you can run ~/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles command.

Double check that and if you are still having trouble I recommend we move to an easier form of communication. We can do a Google Hangout if you would like and get everything resolved. Just let me know what time works best for you.

Yes the ~/.dotfiles/bin/install_requirements command run without errors

I’m available now if you want to do a Google Hangout