Videos don't have Closed Captions enabled

Enabling captions will enable most people to learn better. Which should improve graduation and hire rates!

  • More than 50% of students without any disabilities use captions
  • More than 85% of non disabled students find captions helpful.
  • Specific ways in which closed captions can aid learning include comprehension, accuracy, engagement, and retention

Last but not least it will help any students with hearing issues.

References - The site would only let me put in two links. I will follow up with two more.

10 Reasons Why Closed Captioning for Education Is a Must
Video captions improve comprehension, professor finds


Last 2 references.

A Rising Tide: How Closed Captions Can Benefit All Students
More Research Concludes Nearly All Students Find Closed Captions Helpful For Learning

I hope they plan to roll out this feature soon. I know that just from the few videos I’ve watched, I’ve had to use context clues to help me figure out what was said (ie: modula and concatenation). This would really help me on my notes, and to study at times when I’d otherwise be out of luck.


I too would really like to have this feature. The lack of closed captioning/subtitles is preventing me from taking this course. I am hard-of-hearing to a degree that I can understand 80% of what is said, but to pay for something without captioning is not going to work for me.

I really would like to see them implement it ASAP, as even in-person courses will present the same barrier for me.

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Hey, fellow hard of hearing individual here. I can tell you that once I was admitted to the on campus portion, they captioned almost everything for me.
I’ve since graduated.

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Hey @zzyxer,

Do you have time to fill out a/A’s issue form so that we can show there’s lots of students who would benefit? The more people who request this feature, the easier it will be to put resources into it :slight_smile:

@AaronY, @SoggyCode

Of course! Additionally, I have a friend who does this type of stuff. You can either outsource it to a third party, or hire someone to caption all the videos. You can also do it yourself, although I don’t know how that plays out legally.

Sadly this isn’t a matter of the number of students its a matter of law (Americans with Disabilities Act), doesn’t matter how many students request it.

Another school (Berkely) was forced to take all of their videos down due to the lack of closed captions.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
It’s above my pay grade to speak to accessibility law or how App Academy fits into it, but I wanted to let you know that I did pass this link/forum post on to the head of our curriculum team to take a look at.

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Hi, I hope it on progressing cos it been since 7-8 months ago and I really want to join Mentorship Plan but no Close Caption, I don’t know if my payment plan will be worth without closed caption video