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Video Not loading

When I click on practice assessment the video says its down or that vinmeo wont connect. And I am struggling to find the practice assessment files.!

Would you mind posting a URL to the specific curriculum for me, @nwong415? Its Practice Assessment

I will bring this up with some people in the morning and see if we can get this resolved, @nwong415. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :+1:

Apologies for the late reply, @nwong415 … I believe these video issues have now been resolved. :+1:

@bryanray hi I have the same issue. the videos are not working at my laptop. Could you help me?

@vivirosita11 Everything appears to be okay on our end. Perhaps you have an Ad Block application? Anti virus application? Or a VPN that is blocking vimeo?

@bryanray After checking, the problem is vpn is blocking vimeo. And now I can solve that. Thanks for your response