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Unzipping The assessment file

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Unzipping the HTML/CSS assesment


I dont understand what I am suppose to do. I entered the assessment name into my directory and nothing happened. Was I suppose to have an email or something?

What I’ve tried

I dont get how to unzip this file if its already not on my computer? Can someone help on how the unzipped their assessment WITH SCREENSHOTSS PLEASE. I finished the HTML CSS but I made my own form because I was so confused.


Hi Tatiana,

Unfortunately I do not have a Windows machine so I can’t share screenshots.

Are you trying to type in the assessment name into the directory from the command line?
For these directions, you don’t need to worry about the command line.

You should start by clicking the green button at the very bottom of the page that says “Download Project” to get the files on your computer. Then, you should be able to use your mouse to click through the menus according to the directions above.

If there is a certain point in which the directions are not working once the files are on your computer, please send a screenshot and we can troubleshoot further from there.