Unable to improve typing speed

One of the required assignments mentioned in my acceptance email was that we need to be able to type code at 60wpm. I purchased a typing.io subscription and have been practicing about 60 mins a day for the last 3-4 weeks typing javascript and ruby, but I don’t feel I’ve seen much improvement at all. I’ve gone from about 30wpm with 10-15% inaccuracy to 30-35wpm with closer to ~10% inaccuracy, after what I feel like was a lot of practice.

Is this normal? Should this worry me? Should I be practicing more than an hour a day? Any tips on how I can be faster?

Hey Drew !

Definitely practice much more. And not just typing for coding, but typing long sentences and essays in general.

One factor that really affect typing speeds is the keyboard you use, or rather the muscle memory associated with the keyboard. I’ll give my own personal example, on my old laptop my fingers fly on the keyboard, but I recently switched to a new MacBook and the keyboard is very different, so getting used to it will also take some time.

Ideally your speed will greatly increase if you can type without needing to look at the keyboard, so muscle memory plays a huge part in your typing speed (which is why switching to a new keyboard is tough initially).
And most of all, if you can type using all 10 fingers and muscle memory, you’re good to go.

typing.com is a good resource to improve typing in general, I’ve used it before and I’m using it again to get acquainted to my new keyboard.

Good luck improving your typing speed :slight_smile:

Thanks Harsh! Per your suggestions, I will try to find the time to practice more, and also practice on text other than code. I’ve been doing this yesterday and today, and I do think it will help.