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Unable to download solution to BST_Project in App Academy Open

Hello - a/A alum doing some interview prep, going through the ds & a stuff. Trying to download the solution here fails with the following s3 error:


The specified key does not exist.

Thank you!

Hi Aaron,
We’ve looked into this an we were not able to replicate the issue you’re having. Can you try downloading again? Check your browser to make sure you don’t have any downloads blocked.

Thanks for taking a look. I cleared my cookies / logged in and out / tried in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and I am still unable to download the solution files. I had no issues with any of the other projects in the data structures algorithms course, just this BST solution.

Thank you for following up. This should be corrected now. You will likely need to logout and log back in to get the update.

Thanks for looking into this! Worked for me just now. Cheers

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