Ubuntu Is Not Operating On My Windows 10

When I install Ubuntu it will not let me enter a password in.
I’ve uninstalled and installed four times.
Does it take a few minutes for the user name register before I enter a password??
When I install(Windows 10) I don’t have the option to run as Linux

In many Linux distributions, when you enter a password, there is no indication that you are entering anything - ‘*’ do not appear as you type each letter of your password. So, try again and enter your password and hit enter. That should work.

Also, you can use VirtualBox on Windows 10 to run Linux (Ubuntu) on your Windows desktop. Learn more about VirtualBox and how to install Ubuntu on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB_5fqiysi4

The instructions for setting up your development environment is made for Mac users, and the links they provide for Linux users can be confusing, I’ve written a Linux guide for myself that I can share if you’re having trouble. Just let me know.
Best of luck!