Typos collection

Some typos:

In the Control Flow exercise: “separator” is typed as “seperator” once (the other times are correct)

The Control Flow walkthrough page is missing the solution to factorial

In the Blocks quiz, question 4: The explanation refers to the selection options by the wrong number. For example it says “The first is incorrect because x”, when actually the first is the correct answer, and the LAST one is incorrect because x.

In the Intro to RSpec page: The hello_spec_fail and hello_spec_pass image links are broken

The solution for ennumerables 2 first question, array_sum, is incorrect. The given solution is


but it needs to be

arr.reduce(0, :+)

to pass all specs.

In rspec 2, 02_eval_block.rb , the link to the splat operator description seems to be broken.

In the hashes exercise, evens_and_odds instructs you to return a hash with “even” and “odd” as keys, but the specs require you to have :even and :odd as keys

In Intro to programming - Consonant Cancel instructions:

(…) returns a new sentence where every word begins with it’s first vowel.

Shouldn’t it be its (possessive) instead of it’s ?