Two Ruby Versions


I just recently noticed that my Mac has two versions of Ruby installed (not sure how this happened). I have been completing the Alpha Course exercises just fine, but I wanted to know if this would cause any potential hiccups during the full-time program. I included two screenshots below. Basically, when i first open up Terminal and type ruby -v , terminal displays ruby 2.5.1p57. However, when I type in source ~/.bashrc and then ruby -v,
the result is ruby 2.3.1p112. Any information is much appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi RikeyChen,

You can avoid extra work down the road by typing this in your terminal: echo 'source ~/.bashrc' >> ~/.bash_profile

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your reply. I thought I typed this in during the environment setup but I guess I missed it. The correct Ruby version shows now. Thank you!