Trying to understand the Git diff email

Hi! I just submitted my Git assessment and am having a hard time understanding what I did wrong. This is a screenshot of the email that I received:

I followed the instructions and my work seemed to line up perfectly at the end so I am at a loss! Any advice would be appreciated

Hi, @laurenchambers! First … welcome to the community! :wave:

Second … this is a very minor thing and I’ll be sure to bring it up with your admissions specialist, but …

In your assessment folder you’ve added in a folder called .vscode into your git repository. This, unfortunately, made our grader super angry. The computer decided it was so angry at that folder that it failed you for it! Darn computer! :angry:

Anyhow … a simple fix for you …

  1. You’ll have to go into each of your branches
  2. Type in git rm -r .vscode
  3. Commit the changes.

Hope that makes sense! Please let me know if you need some more information.

That worked! Thank you so much!!

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