Try to break my towers of Hanoi solution!

Hi everyone! I went a little too deep into the Towers of Hanoi problem and created a more interactive game. I’ve tested it many times and fixed all the bugs I could find. I’d really appreciate it if you’d like to try to break it and let me know if I missed something!

It has visuals of the towers and lets you change the difficulty! Have fun and thank you!

Download it here and run as usual!
my hanoi solution

Hi Jon,

Nice work on the towers of Hanoi. I have few suggestions on making the game even better. First, you would want to make the game executable without having to use pry. You can do that with this block of code
After you got the game running on the terminal, you can use the keyword clear to clear the screen after every valid move to give a sense of animation to the game.
This is only if you want to go even further beyond then what you already have done.

Michael Ruan