Total Attempts allowed

Hi, I had a quick question, do we get 4 attempts per assessment or 4 attempts in total? Because I saw some forms where people talked about them being on their last attempt in Git but if that was the case then wouldn’t they go over the 4 attempts limit for all assessments in total? So that way I can make sure to check everything a few times over because I already used an attempt for my HTML assessment, This is for the Pre course with HTML/CSS, Git, Boolean Algebra

Hi Akash,

Here is the exact wording of the requirement - you should have gotten this in an email with your prepwork:

So in other words, you have 4 attempts for Git and HTML/CSS combined. When you see people talking about their last attempt for Git, they have likely already passed the HTML assessment and have one last chance remaining for the two.

Let us know if you need any more clarification, and good luck!

Oh! Thank you so much for that clarification.

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