The Git Assessment Question

Git Assessment

Unsure how to read these instructions. Any advice? Do you need screenshot? The only difference I notice between the master and together branches is in the numbers underneath “+++ b/site.html” and am unsure what those number difference go with in the code.


Hi Brent,
I was able to pull up your submission, so no need to. post a screenshot.

First, you can take another look at this article for a description of how to read the diffs. The key ideas are that the diff compares your submission file to the solution file, and outlines any differences between the two files. It does this for all four branches of your submission.The + indicates something in your file that is not in the solution file, and the - indicates something that the solution file has, that is missing in your file.

That said, the diffs can still be challenging to interpret!

Looking at your submission and diff, I can see that you are missing images in the master and together branch. It also looks like your images folder has a different structure than the solution.

The key to this assessment is following each step in the directions to the letter, and making sure everything in your file matches the directions and screenshots before saving and committing your changes.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck!


Thank you, more than helpful.


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