The bootcamp website lost chunks of my completion data

I made it all the way to Unit 3 Review but when I logged in today, only bits and pieces of each class segment show as completed. Other segments that I already completed show as uncompleted such all of the major Assessments 1 - 5

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Same here. I logged in yesterday and segments are no longer completed, exercises show as not being done. If I go and mark complete now, it doesn’t change the status either. It also says my profile page is being rebuilt, so not sure if related.

Similar issues here. It looks like they revamped the site the other day and introduced a slew of bugs. In my experience, uploads generally fail to be recorded, I have to go back and mark a section as complete a second time before it is actually recorded, some of the pages seem to be missing items/sections (i.e. “Full Stack Online - Ruby -> Recursion -> More Recursion Questions (Bonus)” starts with 2. when the first item was there a few days ago). There seem to be layout problems (which seem better today), etc.

**Edit: a word

I’m having page loading problems as well. The content seems to be there, but the splash with the revolving load symbol refuses to go. Noticed issue 1/19/19 3:05 Central time. Continues today. I was on Alpha Curriculum/OOP/Startup Project.

I don’t seem to be able to do any work on the curriculum today, which stinks as I’d planned on finishing the Alpha Curriculum.

Should be resolved, let me know if tasks are still not showing as completed and thank you for your patience with our new updates. As for the hidden content on assessment tasks, we will get that fixed right away and please let me know @FuzzyPumpkin if your loading problems persist. :nerd_face:

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I found that the loading issue happens if I’ve tried to upload a project first. If I refresh, it’s okay…for the lessons. Most of my completion data from yesterday is now showing.

HOWEVER, I’m still not able to upload projects. Page dims and loading circle goes infinitely.

So the tasks are now properly showing as completed but I’m also having @FuzzyPumpkin problem with submitting projects or assessments. I hope this doesn’t affect the a/A bootcamp guarantee