Text area acting funny?

Hey all!

I’m doing my HTML assessment now, and I don’t know why the bio textarea isn’t quite working. I’ve reread the code a couple of times, so if it’s something that gets worked out later in the coding process that’s fine, but if not I wanna figure out what I’m doing now!

Here’s a screenshot.


Hi, I am not sure about the text area, from what I can see it looks fine but I am no expert at this. But make sure you are paying attention to details I am talking about capitalization and so on. If they are asking for lower case letters, make sure you’re writing the code that way.
Good luck!

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Good morning!
Your textarea looks great. Often, these types of formatting errors show up if you have not included all of the closing tags for your HTML elements. So, I would go through all of the code and make sure you’ve closed every tag that you’ve opened. In fact, recommend getting into the habit of closing every tag before you even add any content inside, just to be sure!

For example, make sure every <div> is closed by a </div>, etc…for all of your tags.

Is that the case here? I’ve included my code in the screenshot. Rewritten it twice. Same error.

I am explicitly requesting for someone to tell me what I’ve done wrong because I’ve read over it myself repeatedly and I cannot figure it out. I’ve focused on upper and lowercase. I’ve checked all my tags. I’ve deleted everything and rewritten it up to this point. I don’t want to move further into the step by step process without understanding what I’m doing wrong.

Hi, @cheshirekate8! :wave:

Could you post your CSS for us to take a peek at as well? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help guide you too well without it. :+1:

Hi @bryanray!

I haven’t touched the CSS yet. I was trying to follow the assessment step-by-step to make sure I caught mistakes along the way, I’ve seen several posts that say to do that. I’m starting to think that was a mistake though as I’ve been stuck at this part for two days now. I’ll attach the screenshot for good measure, but I haven’t done any work past the 5th bullet under Form Specification.

I think CSS is the piece of the puzzle that you’re missing.

You use CSS to apply visual styles to all your HTML elements. Right now your form fields are just laying around all over the place. This is where you will come in with CSS and position them how you want them.

I see a tag issue with your dropdown menu. Check that every opening tag has a closing tag. The dropdowns are tough because they are more nested that some of the other types of inputs, so you need to make sure each element gets closed at the right level.

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That was exactly the problem! I never closed the tag. Thank you!

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