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Teacher Attempting a Change in Career

Hi all. My name is Hasti and I am a teacher in Chicago. After ten years of teaching, I now want to switch my career to IT. I want a career that is more gentle on the spirit but heavy on the problem-solving and cognitively stimulating. It’s been a difficult journey thus far… I struggle with knowing where to start with all this! There are an abundant amount of resources and approaches to learning code! But after listening to podcasts and doing some research, App Academy kept coming up. I’m excited for this new adventure and hope to collaborate with others to learn from their journeys.


Welcome! I worked as an OB RN for several years and I’m transitioning as well. Nice to meet you and good luck to us both :raised_hands:t3:


Hey! It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one attempting to switch careers from a very different field. How’s your transition going thus far?
Sending you positive vibes too!

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Sorry it took a bit to reply. I’m very new at the forum so I didn’t have my notifications set up properly yet.

It’s been exciting~ Everyday when I wake up, I have something to look forward to now. The coding was difficult for me at first, and it still is, but it clicks for me more each day! I know it will take time to learn what I need to learn, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey! I hope all is going well for you?

I’m currently taking a/A’s 2 week Jumpstart program and I cannot believe how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time~~ They have great live and video instruction…it’s been AMAZING! I found myself a coding buddy as well. I think this is very important for everyone to do; especially if you’re quite new like me lol.


Hey victor link are you taking the free online course or are you paying for the course? Trying my best to build a strong foundation and make friends a long the way.

Hey there, I was trying to get into the academy and pay for it since this is the best chance of landing a great job in tech. However, I’ll definitely be checking into the open info as well to hopefully get ahead of the curve and learn all I can.

Glad you took time to write a note.
I was also a teacher…

I went from teaching :open_book::, and I love kids :children_crossing: but the pay was too low to support a family of hungry people :hamburger: :rice_ball:
to manufacturing :oncoming_automobile: :hammer_and_wrench:, the stress is extreme but the pay was ok…
to finally coding :computer:
I’m new here and I know I will love it!!