Submitting the prepwork

Hello Kevin,

I’m attending the March Cohort in SF. I’m pretty excited about attending, but I just had a quick question about how we’re supposed to submit the prepwork. I think I may be one of the few or the only one in my cohort whose prepwork was through Alpha Course. My other classmates were saying that the instructions for submitting the prepwork was to zip the files and email them in, however I don’t see those instructions on the Alpha Course website. Could you clarify if I need to zip these files and email them in or is everything done on my end? Thanks for taking the time to read this and set-up this course, it was a lot of fun.

Hi Brandon,

See you soon! Don’t worry about “turning in the prepwork,” the new alpha course platform keeps track of everything so we have all of your submitted work already. We are glad you had fun and I look forward to talking with you more about your experience when I see you around the office.

Keep practicing, keep learning and keep having fun!

Kevin, I am doing the alpha course as well in preparation for AA in December. However, how do I submit my work to App Academy (currently saved on my computer)? Also, is there an email address for any prep work-related questions?

Thank you,


Lucas, the instructions for submitting the work from the Alpha Course are in the first task in the Introduction section. As for questions, this is the correct forum. You can also ask quick questions in the live chat (under Discuss).

Oscar Alvarez
App Academy Instructor

Oscar, thank you. On which page is the ‘live chat’ (under Discuss)? :slight_smile: