"Submit" not changing to "Next" after domain move

Just wanted to note that after submitting to github the “Submit” button no longer turns into “Next”. This started after the switch to the new domain. Not a major issue because now we can jump from task to task unlike before (which I had actually grown to LIKE because it keeps my ADD in check) so I am still able to progress. Assuming that the github commits are what count as “completing” the content and not whatever AAO says.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks again for the great feedback. This bug was definitely caused by the switch to the new domain and it has since been resolved. If we find out that more people still do like the old task-by-task feature we may provide this as a setting that can be turned on/off.

As you pointed out, the online repositories are always being updated when you push and we have access to all of the BitBucket repos, so there is no need to worry about whether App Academy knows of each student’s progress. Thanks again, keep up the great work!