Site.html Doesn't Change

I’ve been working on my GIT assessment and I can’t help but feel that something is off with my site.html file. When ever I go to a branch and save my html file after editing it switching from branch to branch should show the edit I made on that branch as long as that branch was committed right?

If I understand that correctly, even though I’m committing my branch (the images stay in the correct folders per branch), then why isn’t my site.html changing back to the saves per branch? It’s staying static to whatever I last wrote in the site.html. What am I missing?

Hey, @TechTris … sadly, we would need a bit more information to help guide you in a direction.

It sounds like it has something to do with maybe not correctly git add'ing and git commiting, but it’s super hard to say for sure without some more detail on the steps you’re taking.

What information do you need?

Also, if you can tell me if the site.html file is suppose to change to when I switch branches between pictures and drawings (before trying to merge anything), that answer may tell me if I’m doing things right or wrong.

Couple options …

  1. A video recording of the commands that you’re executing.
  2. Written out step by step instructions that you’re taking.

The problem we face with this question is that it’s so broad it’s super difficult to provide you any specific guidance.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide that. If memory serves, I believe the assessment describes exactly what the site.html file should look like on each branch though?