Simplifying a Kmap

Could someone walk me through how to simplify this Kmap? I thought I had it but my answer is not one of the available options. Thanks :slight_smile:Annotation 2020-08-26 141446

Hi! There are two main reasons why you might have have gotten a different answer on a Kmap simplification.

  1. Check your format: Are you using the correct Kmap format for this truth table? Remember, as you move from row to row or column to column in a Kmap, the values in the header are only allowed to be one bit different than the one next to it. For example, 10 to 11 is a one bit difference, while 00 to 11 is a two bit difference because the value of both variables changed).

2 Check your groupings: It is possible to have a correct solution that looks different than the answer choices if you grouped your 1s in a different way. If you see parts of your solution that show up in the answer choices, look to see if you could have done different groupings to match one of the available options.

Look back at your work to check these two things, and check back in if you’re still having trouble.
Good luck - you’ve got this!