Setting up a Development Environment

I just very recently switched from Windows to Mac(Brand new to Mac) so I am resetting up my machine before I start the August cohort and doing a little prep work. I was starting to look over the JavaScript section in App Academy Online and just finished “Setting up a Development Environment”. In all honesty I wasn’t 100% sure what everything meant but I follow the instructions to install the necessary software. I thought I did everything properly but now every time I open up the terminal I get an error. It reads “complete:13: command not found: compdef”. I have no idea how to fix this so I’m reaching out for a bit of help. I’ll also leave a screenshot below. Thanks

Hey, @Codytags. There are two solutions in this thread that look like they might help with your specific problem.

Let me know if those don’t help.

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Thank you, I ended up basically starting from scratch and that solved the issue.

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