Ruby on VS Code: Question?

I can’t seem to find the problem with my VS Code. It doesn’t recognize the Ruby. This is what I get when I run Ruby in my terminal via VS Code. How do I fix it?

Hi Kenisha,

Looks like you are using a windows machine. Windows does not come with Ruby installed so you are going to need to choose a method of setting up your development environment when the time comes. We actually highly recommend using a Linux subsystem or installing Ubuntu on a partition of your hard drive.

That can all be done later in your learning though, for now if you are just working through Jumpstart Online go ahead and use a REPL to run your code like the one we provide on the learning platform.

Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any questions :nerd_face:

Thank you so much!

But, how do you download Ruby? I did what the instructor said, but it isn’t registering yet via VS Code. I did the extension via VS Code, but haven’t checked it yet. Will that work?

I need it to work because I am doing the entire course ONLINE though not at the Campus.

You are very welcome!

Environment setup instructions are a part of the ONLINE program starting with the Software Engineering Foundations course. Are you currently at that course or still working through Introduction To Programming?

No, I am working through the Jumpstart program. I can do until then?

Yeah! is a great service and then we can tackle the installation/environment setup when you get to the foundations course.

If you’ve not figured it out yet on windows download ruby and install… when your installing theres a checkbox to add ruby to your path so make sure to check it… or you can add it manually by going to environment variables… if youre not familiar with that just look up add ruby to path on google

Looks like VSCode cant find the ruby executable