"RSPEC Introduction" Where is "exercises?

In this section, it says :

“Navigate into the exercises directory and run the following commands”

But where is the exercises directory? I am fairly comfortable with using the command line, but I cannot find it.

This is old content. Still working on our latest changes to the platform which include some curriculum updates. Ignore references made to an external folder in the RSPEC task. Thank you for your patience Nathaniel and let me know if you run into any issues going through the course.

I also had this issue. I navigated all over the place looking for it. Then I just made an /exercises/ folder within my Ruby folder, put the RSPEC download in there, and carried on

Would be good to give the folks still entering the course quick instructions on creating a folder in Terminal and then downloading the problem sets to the specified folder

where can you find the problem set? Also, can someone provide the rspec installation info, the link provided on that page is broken…

Has this been resolved or should I ignore this section as well? I am having the same issue…

There is no exercises folder. As Kevin said, this is referencing the old prep work in which we were provided the exercises folder. For the Alpha Course, all you have to do is fork the repositories in the folder of your choosing, preferably one set aside for a/A prep, and then cd into that folder. You can then run bundle exec rspec from there.

However, unless you are already familiar with Ruby, I would recommend skipping the RSPEC problems until you have covered the rest of the fundamental topics. Once you have covered them, atleast until the Classes topic, you would be more equipped to handle the RSPEC problems. Note that the first RSPEC is far easier than the rest.

I now understand from the thread above that this ‘exercises’ section was part of an old curriculum, but Zuhair mentions that we need to “fork the repositories in the folder of your choosing, preferably one set aside for a/A prep”… how exactly do we do this and where are the instructions for this? I did all of the initial setup, installation, and Git work from the previous section and all was running smoothly until I got to RSpec. How do we access these rb files to run the tests? Where are we forking them from?

The procedure should be the same as for your “A Ruby Project” in the Git Workflow section. You should be seeing the fork button instead of the next button for when you need to complete a coding problem.

Every time you fork you will be getting a new bitbucket link that you need to clone onto your computer, as you have already done. After that you use atom to view the lib and spec files from the folder you just cloned, and then work through them as normal.

Once you have made your changes, commit and push your changes. These will then be pushed back onto your bitbucket account to be stored with a/A. You can also do the same for your GitHub account.

Thank you! I was skipping one simple step and getting the same “Hello” project over and over. Thanks for going over that again, I’ve found the file :slight_smile:

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