Results showing up behind "run" and "reset" buttons

Each time I’m running the code the results are behind the buttons so I can’t see the results. Also, I tried to adjust the results window by dragging it up and down and it got stuck. I tried reloading the page, still stuck. I had to run CCleaner and delete cookies just to get the results window back to normal.

It is working fine for me now.

Oh gosh, so sorry for the trouble there. The expandable slider does not seem to be respecting min/max values so we will get that fixed.

The value when you move the slider is stored into LocalStorage on your browser to maintain your preference between tasks. This is why when it got stuck, it stayed stuck :slightly_frowning_face:

Just for extra learning, clearing LocalStorage can be done by running localStorage.clear() in the javascript console. On Chrome this developer console can be accessed by going to view > developer > javascript console.

Thank you for the post!


Had the same issue. Thanks for the help!