Repeated Issue with .gitignore

Hello everyone! Hope everyone still has their toes in food-coma world!

I just sent in my Git project, most of it was correct! But one issue was present in every single branch! The way that it’s laid out is really confusing, even after I’ve reviewed a lot of git dif information out there. Can anyone take a look and tell me what this means? It’s strange that it’s in every branch.

I had a couple of other little issues, but they were easy to read and address. I’ve attached a picture below: Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 10.29.56 PM

Hi John,
How is the food coma going? My family is just finishing up our leftovers with some turkey stew today!

I was able to look at your submission, and I see two things going on.

  1. In all 4 branches, you have a .gitignore file, but the file is blank in each branch. The diff example you pasted above shows us that the test was looking for the content .DS_Store in the .gitignore file, but could not find it (which is why there is a minus sign in the diff). To correct this, just open the file in each branch, and add the exact content that you see in the screenshots in the assessment. Make sure you save and commit the change to each branch before moving to the next branch.

  2. It also looks like you need to double check the images in your master branch. If they don’t match the screenshot in the assignment, just manually make the changes, save, and commit to the master branch.

After addressing these two issues, you should be ready to re-submit.