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Question regarding HTML/CSS Module Result

Hello, I recently submitted my HTML/CSS assessment for the first time and did not score 100%. I understand all but one of the questions I missed. According to the auto-grader my assessment

did not have a ‘button’ element which contains the exact text "Create new pet"

My first submission’s code:

       <button type="submit" id="new-pet-submit-button" class="btn">Create new pet</button>

I’m not understanding how that is incorrect. I originally submitted it embedded inside another div which stored or acted as a container for both required buttons. I wonder if that extra container/parent-div threw off the auto-grader. I removed it since and am wanting to resubmit my assessment corrected but would love to get some feedback from anyone who may find my above code to be incorrect.

TYIA :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Pawan, and welcome to the forum!

This is a great question for the forum. I agree that your “Create new pet” button looks great and meets the specification. But the test failed for a slightly different reason.

In the specification, you are required to create two buttons:

  • … has a button that reads “Create new pet” with type “submit” and id “new-pet-submit-button”
  • … has a button that reads “Reset” with type “reset”

The test from the auto-grader firct checks that you have TWO buttons in your code, and then checks that the “Create new pet” button has the correct attributes. So, since this button is correct, you will need to look for an error in the “Reset” button chunk of code.

I hope this helps!