Question about Logic Gate Answer Format

I am going through the boolean algebra section and all the concepts make sense to me but I cannot figure out how to choose the right inputs for the logic gate diagrams. For example, in the below answer in the solution guide, they chose to represent 1110 for the diagram; why 1110? What this chosen at random out of possible (not undefined) answers just to demonstrate? Or is there a reason to specifically represent the 1110 cell?

Any explanation would be helpful!

Watching this post. I have the same question.

I think they are random. I took the assessment and they never asked to have these filled in any particular way… But I am still hoping for some other people to weigh in.

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From the looks of it, the top two 1s refer to wx, the 3rd 1 refers to y, and in last, 0 is z. Looking back at the readings and the function (F(x, y, z) = x’z’ + w’z), the logic gate depends on the answer of the function. As to why 1110 was chosen, the only thing that comes to mind is how group 1 and group 2 are interpreted. In group 1, when simplified, x’z’ are the only values considered truthy (11). In group 2, when we simplify the variables, we end up with w’z(10). If z’ is considered truthy in group 1, then that means that z is 0 in group 2. This is only my interpretation of what I’m seeing. If anyone can shed more light, it would be greatly appreciated!