Question about Kmaps

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Boolean Algebra


Will there every be a time when Kmaps (for the sake of our level of learning) will require rearranging in order to be solved?

What I’ve tried

I tried flipping/rearranging problem 3 (although NOT required in order to solve problem 3) to see if it would give a different result, but it did not. I was wondering if this is going to be the case every time.


In problem 3 of the first digital logic exercise, x only has 1 digit (0 or 1) which means that rearranging the sequence of 00 10 11 01 to 01 00 10 11 would mean that the terms true and false statements for x’s values are flipped. Will we ever NEED to rearrange these in order to solve certain Kmaps?

Hi Ben,
Great question. I’m not sure which problem you’re referring to, so please send a screenshot if you need more info or if I’m interpreting the question incorrectly.

If you choose to rearrange the values in the header row or column of a K-map, first make sure the new ordering still follows the rules, and make sure you carry the values with you for the rearranged row/header. That said, you can rearrange if it makes things easier, but I don’t think you’ll find it to be necessary.

That said, one situation to be aware of. Sometimes, you may see a truth table that you need to convert into a K-map. In that case, rearrangement is often necessary to make sure the header row and column follow the K-map rules.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.