Question about Final Task

When we get to the end of the cirriculum and have completed all the tasks is the final task supposed to be marked as completed too? Because when I get to the final task I don’t see any way to mark it as complete, such as by pressing “next.”


Hey Michael,

I’m working on a way to efficiently make a last task “complete” button. It is a simple but obnoxious thought experiment and since we are a place of learning, I will explain why:

Problem: Any task can be your last task so we have to check every single time you get to a task to see if this is your last one.

Solution: Go through EVERY task and see if they are all complete.

Better Solution: Go through each task but stop early if more than one task is incomplete.

I will get this feature up soon so you can make sure to get that final green check mark, but for now don’t worry about it and just keep practicing :smiley: