Progress Report & Assessment -1


Didn’t get a progress report this past weekend (which I assume was because of New Years) but expected to get it today or something but haven’t. Are we not to do one at all this week?

Also for assessment -1, on my first run through it I had forgotten how to use &prc, so I had to quit, look up the syntax ( and restart, and then it took me around 50 minutes to solve the whole thing instead of 45. In the actual assessments do we need perfect like in the JumpStart tests or we fail? Because it took me about 5 minutes longer than the allotted time to solve everything, and in my previous attempt I would’ve not even solved the two proc problems. I guess I just want to know how severe it is if you can’t solve everything on one of these assessments.


The real assessments are similar to JumpStart assessments in that the only points that you get are from passing specs, not partial credit for code. However, you don’t have to get a perfect score to pass. The passing score for an assessment is typically 80-90% of specs.

Another important difference between the main course assessments and this one is that we always supply practice assessments several days before the real assessment. You’ll have plenty of chances to practice with something that’s very similar to the actual assessment, every time.

Take Assessment -1 as a measurement of your current ability to implement what you’ve seen and worked with, as well as a rough model for what some of our assessments actually look like - not as an exact simulation of the real deal.

We’ll talk more about assessments on day 1 of the main course. In the meantime, keep learning and practicing! That’s the best preparation for any assessment :slight_smile:


Are the actual assessments in app academy timed like the alpha course assessment?
And what is the pass percentage for the real assessment?
I could only pass 27/34 specs in the 1 hour time for the alpha course assessment.

The actual assessments are timed like the Alpha Course assessment. You should be aiming for 80% to 90% completion of specs like how Oscar mentioned. You will get practice assessments before each actual assessment and are very similar to the actual assessment.

I would advise doing the Alpha Course assessment again until you get 100% spec completion and finish in under an hour. It would be good practice and you can figure out what topics you want to spend more time on.


Thank you for the info.