[Process completed] Error in terminal

Hi, I’m getting an error where if I run a spec with “exec rspec spec/filename.rb” it ends with [Process completed] and I can then no longer do anything else in terminal. I have to close it and restart terminal to do anything else.

I restarted the computer and that did not fix the problem. I then followed this advice in this forum:


with Shell -> New Command -> mkdir disabled_shell_files. and. mv .profile .bash_history .bash_profile .bashrc .inputrc disabled_shell_files

I could then no longer install any gems in terminal because it appears to have returned me to the original default on my machine. I reinstalled everything specified in the beginning of the alpha course including dot files. I can use gems again and run rspec but I still have the [Process completed] error and it is a big pain to have to restart terminal everytime I do something. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Kevin Migueis

Hi Kevin,

Are you still having to restart terminal every time you run a spec? Let me know and we will setup a google Hangout time this week to get you all sorted out.


Hi Kevin,
Yes I’m having the same issue. It started some short time after I installed Pry but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I’d appreciate any help to get this resolved because it is counterproductive, thanks. Also, if it’s more convenient for you I can have this sorted out in class too, whatever is preferred. I’m done with the Alpha course material so it’s not an issue until Sept 4th.


Hi Kevin,

Great job getting through the Alpha Course material even with this setback. We can just get your setup issues resolved on Day 1, where any and all TA’s will be able to help you.


Hi, sorry for bumping this old thread but I’m having the same problem. I’ve found that opening a new terminal tab lets me run another rspec without having to restart the terminal but it’s still a hassle. Did you guys ever find the problem? How did you fix it?