Proc/lambda help

Hi, all!

I’ve gone through the resources provided for the blocks section of the curriculum, but I’m still struggling with using procs and understanding how they work. Do we have any practice exercises with walkthroughs available, or has anyone found really good resources for step-by-step help?

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There are a number of not terribly useful primers on blocks and procs out there. However, I found this to be quite useful:
Let me know what you think!

As Oscar said in the other thread, understanding lambdas isn’t crucial, since we won’t be using them at all.

@m1010j Wonderful! Thanks so much :grin:

Another good one is here: It covers basically the same material as the “Blocks and Procs” section of the Alpha Curriculum (or at least the pre-Nov 30th version of the Alpha Curriculum), only a lot more clearly and concisely:

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