Problem with "bundle install"


I was on the “Git Workflow” section under “A Ruby Project” and got to the first instruction for “Run Tests” and when I typed in “bundle install” I received this error:

Sahejpreets-MBP:89388951-indango-ruby-project sahejpreetsandhu$ bundle install
-bash: bundle: command not found

I read the posts with the similar problems and I still couldn’t figure it out.

Kind Regards,

Hello Sahei,
Did you install the dot files?

if so,
run “gem install bundler” to install bundler
and run “bundle install” after

let me know after

Hi Thai,

Yes, I had installed the dot files but it seems my $PATH wasn’t correct.

I just got it to work by reorganizing the $PATH using : export PATH=$HOME/.rbenv/shims:$PATH
This put my shims directory before the Ruby bin directory (I guess because it has to be called in order)

After this I ran “bundle install” and it worked fine.

Thanks again for the help Thai :smile:

Saheij, You’re welcome! :smile:

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