Problem loading rbenv automatically // 'Setting Up A Development Environment'

Hi all,

Just started the Alpha Course and worked my way through the first topic, ‘Setting Up A Development Environment.’

After completing the ‘Rbenv + Ruby’ section, I’m now seeing an interesting message every time I open up the Terminal:

# Load rbenv automatically by appending
# the following to ~/.bash_profile:

eval “$(rbenv init -)”

Is this a problem? If so, I’d love to have your guidance fixing it so that I don’t break anything attempting to do it on my own.

Thanks in advance,


HI @joshuaaweisman, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have extra code in your bashrc or bashprofile. Essentially, you can use VScode or Atom to open the file from the terminal from your root directory:

code ~/.bashrc

Once in the file, you can make sure the comments are correctly commented out and that the last line is running instead of printing to the screen.