Print Option for Reading Materials

Learning Challenge: Reading materials (general)

Question: Hello. I am going through the prep-work, and I like having a print-copy of learning materials as well as having it available online. A physical copy helps me reference what I learned before quickly and easily, and add my own notes et cetera. Is there a way to fix or get around this? I’m especially concerned if the problem persists into the camp’s own materials.

What I’ve tried: When I right-click and try to use the ‘Print’ option in App Academy’s reading pages, it will only show the material viewable on my current screen and a scrollbar, only one page to be printed, instead of loading up all of the webpage’s materials for print.

Hi Mira!

If you hold down left-click and select all the elements you will be able to print the entire page. Make sure you print this via right-click drop-down menu vs browser option. There may be some minor formatting issues if you print directly but you can always save it as a PDF first and edit spacing to your preferences.

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