Preparing Your Resume

So with the Resume portion of this. It seems to assume that we have already finished app academy. You’re asking us to list out what we did when building our full-stack project. I haven’t built a full-stack project yet…

It also asks us to pick a template from your list, but also says to not use any weird colors or fonts. Most of the templates in the list have weird colors or fonts. So should we only be picking from the plain text ones at the end?

It seems like a lot of the material in this course, especially all the directions, is not directed towards just-enrolled students. I’m not sure who your target audience is, but asking a just-enrolled student to define the problems they encountered while building their full-stack project doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

What exactly do you want from my resume at this point? A lot of the directions either don’t apply to me, are contradictory, or ambiguous.

What is jobberwocky?
I don’t have an app academy headshot.
“You must submit your resume for review…” submit it to who?
Who’s my career coach?


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@trevorstorey did you ever receive an answer to your question? I’m at the resume section and am wondering the same thing.

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No one said anything to me until I started the on-campus portion. The staff in New York was just as confused as me. I’m surprised AA hasn’t done something about it yet. But anyway, I ignored it and the NY staff told me that was a good call.


Thanks @trevorstorey for the update. I assume that goes for filling out a LinkedIn profile as well as an AngelList? It doesn’t make sense to advertise a skill I’m yet to attain and have no projects to show for it.

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Yup. Ignored that stuff too. Nobody ever asked me about any of it. I was even the one that brought it up once I was on campus.

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That’s strange. Thanks for the advice and feedback.

Hello, having the same thoughts before the July cohort begins. I imagine for most of us we could lay the groundwork, but the “Final Tasks” section is something we would be ready to complete by week 10 of the course?

I’ve been putting the resume/linkedin/angel list tasks off as well, but I made basic versions and accounts to work more on later. It can’t hurt to have a template ready and be familiar with Angel List, but that part of the curriculum certainly needs reworking, agreed. Especially since we’re all here trying to get it right and be properly prepared.

Same, I just touched up my Linkedin / Angellist profiles to reflect that I’m at App Academy + reformatted my current resume according to one of the templates they provided (while leaving the lorem ipsum in the ‘projects’ section).

Bringing this back to life - should we still be just doing whatever we can for now and disregarding the comments concerning 1 inch margins, colors/fonts, etc.?

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The idea behind doing your resume at this point is to have a working template you can build from when you hit the job search. It’s okay to have some filler text for now just to get the layout working; you’ll want to spend your time later putting in content, not fiddling with margins.

When you get to the job search, you’ll have plenty of content to fill in, plus additional work and guidelines our career coaches will give you.