Postgres App for Linux?

It seems there is no Postgres App for Linux, are we Linux users supposed to rely on the command line tools or is there something specific a/A would like us to use ?

@kevin any insight on this would be helpful :slight_smile:


Hey Harsh,

App Academy only supports MacOS, so as far as “something specific” they would like you to use, you are on your own. Shouldn’t be a problem though, the application does not do much more than provide an easy way for users to start up their PG server on a default port and connect to their database. Doing this through the command line is better practice anyway! :smiley:

You got this!

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Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I thought it’d be better to piggyback off this then to create an entirely new one.

I’m running into a similar problem. I’m trying to install all the requirements needed for the alpha course and I execute the following command:

After hitting enter a few times, I get the following error:
install_requirements failed: Postgresql not installed

After reading Kevin’s reponse up above, it seems like I might not need Postgresql? However, I’m unable to install the configuration files which is the next step. Quite possibly a result of not finishing the installation of all requirements?

Some help would be greatly appreciated!


Try running the following line to install Postgresql:

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

You may get some missing dependency errors. Go ahead and install the missing dependencies with sudo apt-get install <dependency-name>, then re-run the above line until it works.

Once installed you can try re-running the dotfiles.