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Pet name issues

Hello ,

There was an issue with my pet name id like to know if I corrected the error?

Thanks !

An issue with pet name

If anyone could help thanks

Good morning,

It looks like your issue is related to how you are associating the label with the input. I would recommend looking back at this lesson on forms to review how to make that association.


Thank you Jbyers,

I went back to check. I uploaded what I believed to be the correct answer, previously my code had a placeholder that I removed. Are you saying that this still may return an error ?

Yes, the placeholder probably didn’t cause the error, but it is a safe bet to remove it since it isn’t in the specification.

I do still see an error in the screenshot in how you are associating your input with the label. It looks like you are associating correctly for the bio label, so you could look at that one as a correct example.