Other Forking Problem

Every time I fork and clone something the first time, I don’t get write access. I don’t notice until after I have committed everything and try to ‘git push’. Then it tells me I don’t have write access. So I fork it again, and then I get write access and can ‘git push’ the directory I was working on.

Hi Trevor,

Thank you for posting this issue. Can you tell me a little about the error you receive when attempting to push the first time? When forking the second time, are you using git commands or pressing the fork button in the application?

I ask because once the project has been successfully forked that button should change to a submit button with instructions on how to push.

Hey Kevin,

There’s no error per se.

I click fork, it says it starts forking. It never says that it successfully forks, just keeps saying it’s forking. Even though it has forked and I can clone it. (Always does this as well.)
So I click the Return to Task button, and then the ‘fork’ button has changed to ‘submit’.
I click the submit button and there are the instructions for cloning and such.
I do all the git commands and clone and everything seems great.
I run through all the exercises locally in atom and terminal. adding and committing my changes to git the whole time.
When I’m finished, I ‘git push’. It asks for my bitbucket password, I enter it, it says I don’t have write authorization.
I think ‘that’s weird’, look through my email, and sure enough, I never got the email about write access.
I go to the original exercises page in the alpha course. That same exercise that I just completed, the ‘fork’ or ‘submit’ button says ‘fork’. I click it, it says it’s forking and never completes, or doesn’t know it completes anyway and while it’s doing that I get an email about having write access.
So I git push my completed exercises and everything is apparently fine.

Yeah, my forking never “completes” either but I guess it does happen quickly enough that we don’t need to wait around. People seem to mostly have the bitbucket login issue but since you were able to submit without any issues, I wound’t worry about it.

Hey team,

I am looking into the webhooks/websocket issue which is why the forking modal would appear to just keep dancing there even though in the background the forking does complete. I’m still not sure I understand how the fork button would return to saying ‘fork’ though after one successfully forked and caused the button to change to ‘submit.’ Trevor would you have time to do a Google Hangout tomorrow?

Thank you both for your help.

Yeah sure, anytime really.